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Brazilian Journal of Mother and Child Health Statute

Purposes and Objectives

Art. 1 - The publication of the Brazilian Journal of Mother and Child Health is a quarterly periodicity, and is linked to available technical-scientific and financial resources, both from its own sources and from other sources.

Art. 2 - Established in January 2001, the Brazilian Journal of Mother and Child Health has as main objectives:

I) Stimulate scientific research in the area;
II) Contribute to the dissemination and socialization of relevant knowledge;
III) Actively participate and maintain up to date on editorial advances of scientific journalism.

Editorial Counselors

Constituted by scientifically qualified researchers and members of national and international institutions.

Art. 3 - Attributions:

I) Define and monitor the compliance of this statute.

II) Take precedence  on the scientific quality of the Journal.

III) Take precedence on professional ethics in different activities performed.

IV) Define norms to submit publications.

V) Establish dissemination strategies

Editorial Team

Composed of professionals with experience in publishing, professors and researchers in various areas of knowledge in which the Journal is inserted, and are directly responsible for the technical and scientific implementation.

Art. 4 - Attributions:

I) Enforce the Editorial team to make a decision.

II) Act to protect the author(s) and the consultant(s) rights in ensuring the confidentiality of the evaluation and the transparency of the process.

III) Review the admission of submitted articles for publication, when requested;

IV) Indication/Choice of ad hoc reviewers ;

V) Other decision making regarding scientific aspects of the Journal's editorial process, whenever requested by the Editor in Chief /Executive Editor.

VI) Have responsibility to accept or reject articles.


The Journal adopts the peer review criteria, those being the reviewers (ad hoc Reviewers) professionals with competence in knowledge and experience in scientific publication in the area,  preferably, physicians from higher educational institutions and, or in research.

Art. 5 - Attributions:
I) Analyzing and presenting a detailed scientific opinion on the submitted manuscript, considering the defined guidelines set by the Instructions to the authors of the journal in taking precedence by professional ethics.

Proceeding and Publication

Art 6 -. Submissions for publication must proceed on the online system SciELO - ScholarOne.

1 - As the submission is made, the authors are asked to, and according to their research, send along with their manuscript, the registered number from the Institutional Ethics Committee.

2- When submitting the original article for publication, the authors’ copyright goes to the Brazilian Journal of Mother and Child Health.

3 - In this procedure you must have observed the information contained in the instructions to the authors.

Art 7 -. During the whole selection and manuscript processing, the authors and the peer reviewers’  anonymity is preserved.

Lygia Carmen Vanderlei
Editor in Chief

Alex Sandro Rolland de Souza
Executive Editor

Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira - IMIP
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil
Rua dos Coelhos, 300 Boa Vista
Recife, PE, Brasil CEP: 50.070-902

+55 81 2122-4141