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The Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil (RBSMI) / Brazilian Journal of Mother and Child Health (BJMCH) is a journal of international circulation, published by the Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP) with the mission of disseminating scientific articles investigating women's health, pregnant women and children in their clinical and epidemiological dimensions. In this sense, it is closely articulated with the same objectives of its sponsoring Institution, IMIP.

The BJMCH is the continuation of the Revista do IMIP (Journal of IMIP), which was edited uninterruptedly since its foundation in 1987 until the year 2000.

Professor Fernando Figueira’s presence was fundamental in these undertakings, as a medical editor and founder of the Revista do IMIP and a great encourager for BJMCH, who achieved to widen the Revista do IMIP (Journal of IMIP) in becoming international.

The BJMCH is open to health researchers from all over the world. Most of the articles published were not only from Brazil, but from all Latin America, Portuguese-speaking African Countries, Portugal and Spain.


Editorial Process


The selection of each article rigorously obeys the following procedure:

As soon as the corresponding manuscript is received, it is verified by a checklist with the minimum editorial requirements (mission, scope and category of the article). After checking, the manuscript it is then evaluated by the editor-in-chief who sends it to the associate editor to be submitted for analysis and receive the opinion of two Ad Hoc reviewers to be evaluated for scientific merit. In case of disagreement among their opinions, a third reviewer will be requested. The associated editor may in the same way at his/her criteria, issue a third opinion.

Based on their opinions and on the judgment of the associate editor, the executive editor, and the editor-in-chief, the manuscript receives one of the following classifications: 1) accepted; 2) recommended, but with minor revision; 3) recommended, but with major revision; 4) rejected. In classifications two and three, the opinions are sent to the author(s), who have the opportunity to revise and resubmit to the journal accompanied by a reply letter detailing the items that have been suggested by the reviewers and the modification made; and in condition four, the manuscript is returned to the author(s). In case of acceptance, the article is published according to the flow of manuscripts and the cronograma of the editorial. Since the journal adopts the ScholarOne system to manage the flow of manuscripts, having clear knowledge of the process, authors can follow all the steps in the editing of the article.

Articles submitted to the BJMCH will undergo plagiarism detection before sending for Ad Hoc evaluation. Thus, to ensure the originality of the manuscripts, there may be questions for the authors to clarify anyinformation identified by the software. If there is evidence of plagiarism, an unacceptable editorial practice, the authors involved will not be permitted to submit new articles to the journal.

All approved articles submitted in Portuguese or Spanish will be translated into English. In this case, the translation must be done by qualified professionals who issue a certification or appointed by the journal. The translated article must be accompanied with a statement from the translator.

The approved manuscript is edited for revision on the scientific writing (clarity, precision and robustness), grammar and style. The BJMCH reserves the right to make changes or recommend grammatical revision to the authors for optimal communication with the readers.

Before publication of the article the manuscript proof is submitted to the author(s) to verifiy and give the final approval. The article is only published after the author(s)’ approval. For the management of manuscripts, the BJMCH uses the website - ScholarOne (

The average processing time until the acceptance for publication of each article is six months.

We receive an average of 120 manuscripts each quarter from which we publish between 12 to 15 articles maintaining an average of 7.7% of acceptance rate for each issue.


The editorial team is composed by


Editor-in-Chief: Lygia Carmen de Moraes Vanderlei

Executive Editor: Alex Sandro Rolland de Souza

Associate Editors:

Ana Coelho Albuquerque

Ana Laura Carneiro Gomes Ferreira

Ana Ortigoza

Aurélio Antônio Ribeiro da Costa

Gabriela Buccini

Gabriela Cunha Schechtman Sette

Héctor Javier Sánchez Pérez

Leila Katz

Luciana Dubeux

Nathália Paula de Souza

Noemia Teixeita de Siqueira

Paola Soledad Mosquera

Pricila Mullachery

Samir Kassar

Sheyla Costa de Oliveira

Tatiana Eleuterio


Assistant Editor: Leila Regina Martins da Silva

Secretary: Michele Késia de França


The collection of our journal is available at SciELO Base ( since 2001 with no previous editions.

There were several important factors for the National and International Recognition of the Journal, should be highlighted as followed:

1. IMIP has total commitment of maintaining the journal with a high level of qualification;

2. IMIP is responsible to search for professional consultants with expertise in scientific publications in Brazil and abroad;

3. Total commitment in maintaining a team of Scientific Editors qualified in the areas of scope;

4. Indexation since its beginning in the Scientific Eletronic Library Online (SciELO) and afterwards in 12 other international bases, including Scopus;

5. Membership and active participation in the Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos (ABEC) (Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors), of which it is a partner and integrated as a general secretary for 4 years;

6. Maintenance of a standard uniform of technical and editorial quality (Layout, Format, Punctuality of publication and Regularity of the cronograma);

7. Regular contact and service with SciELO technical recommendations;

8. Commitment of the editorial production team with technical preparation in the area, and highly integrated;

9. Integration to the international requirements of good practices for scientific publishing (ethical aspects respecting the authors and everyone involved in the publication: CCBY, DOAJ, ORCID, etc.)

10. Scientifically certified by SciELO and Scopus indexations, it occupies one of the first five positions among more than 60 health journals indexed. In Scopus it has an H index at level 21;

11. In the Qualis Capes ranking it is classified with B1 in the area of collective health and nursing; B2 in physical education and psychology; and B3 in medicine III and nutrition.

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